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when writing to the factor do not be pecksniffian. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here. because we are definitely looking out for you. >> the president: i don't know about you, but i'm fired up and ready to go. >> there's going to be a great awakening across america. independent americans are saying enough is enough we are going a different direction. >> nancy, unfortunately has been leading the far leftover a cliff. >> the president: i need you fired up. >> american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? >> i've been in the kitchen. i know the heat. i can take it. i got the know how. >> putting jerry brown in charge is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> it is time for us to roar. >> what is happening in washington, d.c. this week is unconscionable. democrats are putting politics
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over prosperity. >> the president: we need you to stay fired up. >> it is your money so let's find out how they are spending it. let's hold washington, d.c. accountable. >> american people are savvy enough, smart enough they will make the right decision in november. >> they are turning their backs on the american people and ignoring the american people this is no way to run the people's house. >> sean: 34 days from now at this hour, a gop tidal wave could be headed towards our nation's capital. tonight you will hear from ann coulter, j.c. watts, juan williams and more. but first for all you democrats watching we thought we would reveal four-ways you can tell your party is in trouble. forget the polls and predictions. these are under the radar vents. first, you know your party is in trouble when barney frank one of the most powerful democrats in congress is blaming sean hannity for his tough reelection battle.
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frank accused little old me of targeting him with mostly inaccurate attacks. congressman if you want to find out who is to blame for your singing popularity, look in the mirror. next, you know you are in trouble when the leader of your part is spending more time waging war again the press than on fixing the economy. the anointed one proclaims that fox news is destructive for the long term growth of the country. as we pointed out last night, fox news did not destroy the economy, mr. president hope and change did all of that. number three, when the speaker of the house has a negative rating that matches the company behind the biggest oil spill disaster in american history, you know you are in trouble. according to the latest "wall street journal"/nbc news poll, 50% have a negative view of nancy pelosi. the same number of americans view bp negatively as well. the final item. you know trouble is on the
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horizon when your party is taking campaign advice from this man, michael dukakis according to the boston globe the man who carried only 10 states in 1988 recently visited the white house to attend a strategy session. my only hope is democrats take his advice. here with recommendations of their own are sandra smith from the fox business network and columnist s.e. cupp is back. i don't know which one is -- >> we are giggling. dukakis went to the white house and said we need to continue to remind the american people that president bush left the country with a rising deficit. that's what the president does everyday he's already been blaming bush. >> sean: isn't this the same guy that promised he was going to raise taxes? didn't he suggest farmers consider belgium endives?
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>> why not bring in al sharpton and howard dean to advise president obama? >> sean: who knows they are not there. >> that's scary. >> sean:ties are the things we are looking at on the outside. john kerry calling voters ignorant. biden complaining with whining. maybe you didn't want this hope and change because you are lethargic. >> right now they have to blame fox news and you sean hannity or the american people. the president showed that in the "rolling stone" magazine he's blaming box. >> sean: we are destructive. >> you are bad for the country. i was very surprised at that rolling stone interview one that he gave it at all. after he came down so hard on mcchrystal for giving rolling stone an interview. i thought it was interesting. i think it is revealing that he thinks a month before
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election his big idea is to do a "rolling stone" interview. >> sean: now they are going after john boehner alleging affairs. unfounded. democrats are desperate. you can see it on their faces. >> sean: they are desperate. sandra, you deal with business everyday. let me show everybody the recession's impact on us. this is above the fold, u.s.a. today's edition they talk about people putting off marriage, fewer people moving. people's real income down considerably. it is impacting people. can they go out to dinner? can they go on vacation? congress leaves today. some democrats voted with republicans in the last-ditch effort to save their careers. they leave today and won't tell us what our tax rate is going to be in january! >> so many small businesses are hinging their decision on whether to hire and take on
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more workers, based on whether or not the taxes change. we heard from them today in that backyard conversation the president held a small business owner said, can you just tell us what is going on? we have no answers right now. they are going to leave. >> sean: fox business network had a good ad, is 28 going to 31? 33 going to 36? >> it is outrageous, especially when you consider they had time to bring in stephen colbert to deliver a stand-up before congress but they don't have time to vote on the bush tax cuts are or the estate taxes. >> sean: a little under 100 days to die so you don't have to pay the death tax. >> people are crossing their finger. >> sean: if you die december 30ers, no estate tax. if you die january 1st, as of now, 55%. >> you have barney frank shaking in his pants bringing in former president clinton.
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>> i don't want to think about barney frank shaking in his pants. leave his pants out of it. >> sean: ouch! you are going back to the -- >> i don't want to get personal with barney frank. >> sean: the tax foundation is running numbers, the tax hikes coming down the road, they say are eye-popping. for example, somebody with as
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making tough decisions. congress is cheapening that. calling them angry and racist and stupid. >> sean: listen, they are doing all these things and having surrogates do these things. chris matthews advanced this bizarre theory are businesses skewing the when to get to get to obama? if you look at the reality of what is -- happening in the country this act by not voting on this tax bill and not letting the american people know, as far as i'm concerned that is a vote for the tax increase. >> absolutely. that's the way not just small business, not just corporation that's the way individuals are reading this. during the time when we need them out there spending their money. they are not only holding back from those major life decisions we need this economy spending they are not if they think the tax hikes are coming. >> sean: anything democrats can do to recover? >> not in time for november. >> no.
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look at the way they feel about pelosi. those words are going to stick with her forever. let's pass this thing so we can see what is in it. the american people feel like this administration is talk down to them. >> sean: and they are getting angrier because we don't stand them. we love when democrats fight. guys good to see you. coming up one senator's controversial comments about osama bin laden. when we come back ann coulter is here. we'll show you that shocking video. later, president obama was asked why he's a christian. some are saying he threw his parents under the bus in this response. michelle malkin will weigh in. j.c. watts and more on hannity, tonight. [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower.
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sean bad news for joe sestak. it appears democrats are -- giving up on him. the campaign committee is the amount of money it is spending on sestak's ads by 50%. the gop is out-spending the democrats in every pennsylvania advertising market, except one. come november sestak may be calling the white house to see if that job offer is still on the table. more hannity, straight ahead.
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>> sean: in the state of washington, senator murray is fighting for her political life. unfortunately for her, skeletons are coming out of the closet that i'm sure she would rather forget. something the senator said about osama bin laden in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. we played the clip on hannity & colmes in three, take a look. >> he's been out of this country for decades, building schools, roads, intrastructure, health care facilities and the people are grateful he made their lives better. we have not done that. >> sean: comments like that can perhaps explain why
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murray's lead has slipped to one point in her race with challenger rossi. the latest poll has murray with 48%, rossi with 47. that is within the margin of error. joining me with reaction to this, and ann coulter. -- >> i did comments before coming here with people pointing out that was unfair she is the stupidest person on the planet. >> sean: not just in america. >> the skeleton -- a skeleton has a higher i.q.. i never want to hear about christine o'donnell not being smart enough or sarah palin who has a manifestly high i.q.. patty murray makes christine o'donnell look like einstein. >> sean: you did a lot of research. you found a lot of quotes. a radio interview she gave in
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1992. >> you don't hear much from patty murray because the democrats are smart. often smarter than the republicans in this regard. they realize she an abject moron they will not let her out to give a quote that be quoted by a newspaper. every once in a while she slips out. right after he she was elected she was talking about how when she was a child in the case of nuclear war they would set off an alarm and you hide under your desk. would that do anything? i don't know. but we need do something similar for children today who are afraid of guns. she is not sure if hiding under your desk would do anything and wants to do something similarly pointless for fear of guns in schools. >> sean: bin laden did good work, building daycare facilities and health care -- this is after 9/11. >> daycare facilities and take your daughter to workday. because he's so big on women
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being able to work. >> sean: rossi has made inroads in the campaign but it is still close. >> enraging. you are looking as dumb as california voters right now, you have got to be kidding me. the one disadvantage i suspect he has because it appears happens when someone runs and loses people -- there's almost like a taint on that person. voters in washington the first election was stolen from him. he was robbed, outright. the next one it was like a pete wilson deal. >> sean: we've had this discussion you are admonishing republicans, don't count your chickens before they hatch. dick morris is extraordinarily optimistic, he's telling everybody to shoot for 100 seats. >> i love dick morris his job is to come on fox and whisper sweet nothings in -- >> sean: maybe, maybe not. i don't think anybody can really predict.
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the trends, intensity factor, utter disaster of democratic rule, i think anything can happen. you are urging people to be a little more cautious. you don't want to dammen -- dampen enthusiasm. >> on one hand do you have blind rain throughout the country. in the senate you have really blue states. washington, oregon, california, new york. they are not good states for us. >> sean: and delaware. >> and connecticut i'm happy to see linda mcmahon, though not my number one choice, she crushing blumenthal and she deserves to. >> sean: you are optimistic republicans will take over the house. what do you see in the senate? >> i never thought we could take the statement. -- the senate. by the way establishment republicans not whining about christine o'donnell. >> sean: who would have thought russ feingold would be down eight points? >> that's a good example.
9:18 pm
i hope this fantastic republican running against him, johnson, a businessman and he's running -- fabulous speaker. i heard about him when i spoke in milwaukee this year. >> sean: i'm surprised you didn't go to madison with the president yesterday. >> at lost i could be sure feingold wouldn't be there. >> sean: i don't know if you saw politico today. a number of republicans in the senate are attacking jim demint. >> he's our hero. >> sean: i agree. he's been the one guy willing to say no to really change what we need changed in washington. we need solid conservatives. now he's being punished for it. if the establishment in the republican party doesn't see this for what it is a conservative ascendancy, if they don't understand they are on probation -- >> if any republican in washington is upset with demint this explains why
9:19 pm
there's a tea party movement. americans are sick of republicans going to washington and saying we'll just be generals to the globetrotters let's agree to be good losers to everything. that's what the republican establishment has been doing for decades. the tea party movement is holding their feet to the fire and saying no we want people to represent us and not vote for huge spending programs. >> sean: i think they don't progress if they are not going to lead, get out the way. >> they might find that out. >> sean: what do you think of what is happening? john kerry lashing out at voters. the president lashing out liberals in his party. joe biden calling them whiners. what do you make -- >> look at how they approached the tea party, independent voters, people not involved in politics. republicans say run in our primaries, you win we are for
9:20 pm
you. democrats called them racist and morons. >> sean: not if you are murkowski, castle, crist. >> the immediate -- the points media is hiding about murray her great start in politics was fighting to save a class to teach parents now parent. the next class is, waking up. and how to comb your hair. any way her ferocious campaign to save this class, they neglect to mention it was her own class. she was just a public employee fighting to save her useless, pointless job. >> sean: ann coulter always a pleasure. new polls show why democrats should be concerned come november. plus, during his backyard get together yesterday president obama was asked about his christian faith. what he said has the liberal media criticizing him. we love it, straight ahead.
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>> sean: as we close in on the midterm elections new polls show november 2nd, may be doomsday for the democrats. out of ohio kasich the gubernatorial candidate with an eight point lead over his opponent strictland. new rasmussen poll shows republican gubernatorial in pennsylvania, poll showing pat toomey nine points ahead of his opponent sestak. in colorado buck is polling well above 50% he needs democrat bennet and congressman grayson is starting to feel the affects of the inaccurate and deceptive political ad that he ran targeting his opponent. the polls are just as unforgiving. new poll shows his republican opponent webster leading by
9:25 pm
seven points. joining me with reaction is former oklahoma congressman, quarterback, good friend, j.c. watts is back. welcome back, sir. >> thanks for having me. good to be back. >> sean: as you examine the polls, you see the atmosphere out there. your general thoughts? >> as i travel around the country, i see there is an energy sean, there's an energy probably that's i think you could say it is a bit similar to 1994 when i was elected. but i think it is much more intense. when you look in ohio with john kasich up by eight points on governor strictland. pat toomey up by eight or nine points. either of those guys or any of those people you just rattled off, up by seven to nine points none would agree those are comfortable leads going into the last month. i think you are going to see nasty politics, as we are
9:26 pm
seeing with grayson in florida. that's just a precursor of what is to come. i think there is a good tail went -- tailwind for republicans. >> sean: webster says, don't pick this particular biblical verse, don't pick it. grayson cherry picks it to make it say the opposite. one of the most deceptive campaign ads i've seen in my life and that's saying something. let's roll this ad. >> announcer: religious fanatics try to take away our freedom in afghanistan, iran and right here in central florida. daniel webster wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should submit to me that's in the bible. >> webster tried to deny battered women medical care. he wants to force rape women to bear the child. >> submit to me.
9:27 pm
>> taliban dan webster, hands off our bodies. >> sean: he says, don't pick that verse, specifically, there is no ambiguity, no room forrer . he cherry picks this out. -- no room for error. he cherry picks this out. i almost think there's a libel charge against him it is so dishonest. >> people in florida will understand the scriptural context of that i think they will rebel. i that i is wrong for republicans and democrats. i would point out, had a republican done that, you would not just be seeing this ad on sean hannity, i think you ran it in its entirety last night. i saw somewhere. but, you know had that been a republican that would have run that ad, there shouldn't be room for that in politics period. it blatantly misleading,
9:28 pm
blatantly deceptive. you know, my mother would send me to bed with no dinner if i did something like that. >> sean: i think i would g a lot worse. i think you are right. as they go extraordinarily negative, because they are not going to run on stimulus, health care, budget, debt, cap and tax. so they got to go negative. if you are saying eight, nine point leads aren't going to be enough because it is going to be that nasty out there. what do you suggest candidates do to fight back in this environment? >> well, there's an old saying that i used to hear my dad say, if you can't get 'em with a lie get 'em with the truth. i think you have to continue stating what the facts are. i think there is an intensity, as i said earlier. there's an intensity that i would much rather have a seven to nine point lead, 34, 35 days out than to be seven to
9:29 pm
nine points down. what we see with the tea party and the movement that's afoot out there, sean this didn't just start in the last 18 months. you can go back to ross perot in '92 he tried to ignite it, it didn't catch on. 2004 with howard dean. but the last 18 to 20 months it is real, intense. i think it is gonna carry over into november 2nd. nevertheless, they will be able to pick off some voters. >> sean: when you see russ feingold down by eight. pennsylvania, toomey up by nine. ohio, kasich is doing as well as he's doing and port man those three states stand out in my mind. cherry pick, new jersey, gillibrand, connecticut in play, other states like rossi, in the state of washington and boxer in trouble. it certainly does not bode well for the democrats. is it they are the party in
9:30 pm
power and they deserve the credit for all the negative economic problems we have and the other problems we have? >> i think people are just -- the information highway has created some downside because you see anything and everything out there. but it has created a lot more good than bad. the good is, you can get your hands-on bills, you don't have to listen to sound bites. people can peel the onion for themselves, if they will. i think people note truth. and they know what's in the bills. they've become much smarter. i don't think you are going to be able to sign off just with sound bites or that really isn't true. i think people know better. again, i think it carries over for those people who are up eight to nine points. it carries over to november 2nd, in their favor. >> sean: j.c. watts good to see you my friend, thank you. >> the white house staged
9:31 pm
almost everything at yesterday's photo-op but couldn't predict what president obama would say about his faith that would have a lot of liberal up in ans. while addressing a forum on social security a democrat made a comment that did not sit well and made the audience erupt in laughter. hey, guys, i know i've been bad at this in the past, so i've come up with some mnemonic devices to help me learn your nas. hello, a "penny" saved a "penny" earned. oh, that's 'cause fedex ground helps you save money. that'sht, penny. do you know ours? heavens to betsy. dwayne the bathtub. magic wanda. ah! what's mine? uh, you're a dan fool. oh. it's just a device, dan. you c take it personally. yeah, i suppose. [ male announcer ] we uerstand. you need a partner whhelps you save.
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fedex ground. >> sean: u.k.'s newspaper reporting big news world war i will officially end sunday. you heard that right. this sunday germany will
9:33 pm
payoff the last of the enormous debt it acquired at the treaty of versailles in 1919. the country was required to pay reparations most of which went to france and belgium. 91 years later the conflict is at lost coming to a close. we are back with michelle malkin in 90 short seconds. ñ÷
9:34 pm
>> sean: the president's faith has been on full display in recent weeks.
9:35 pm
sunday the 19th, only the fourth time since his inauguration president obama attended church. he and the first family made the short walk out of white house through lafayette park to st. john's episcopal church in washington. yesterday at an administration stage backyard discussion a poignant question was posed to the president. he was asked why a christian? take a look at the response. >> the president: i'm a christian by choice. my family didn't frankly, they weren't folks who went to church every week. my mother was one of the most spiritual people i knew. but she didn't raise me in the church. so i came to my christian faith later in life. >> sean: that answer was debated by liberals on one radical left wing cable network. >> i mean, did he really have to throw his family under the bus to make this point?
9:36 pm
i mean, you know his family didn't go to church, but he went to church. to me this is the worst thing he's done since comparing his grandmother to reverend wright to make a point about -- >> you are wrong. this disturbs me how far do we go in politics to get a few extra votes? >> sean: you heard him compare to the president's response to a comment he made in 2008 about his grandmother. >> the president: i can no more disown him than i can disown my white grandmother, a woman who helped raise me. a woman who sacrificed again and again for me. a woman who loves me as mitch as she loves anything in this world. but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who pass her by on the street. and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe. >> sean: here to weigh in on the controversy is mish smell
9:37 pm
malkin. welcome back. -- michelle malkin. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: weigh in on this controversy? >> talk about cringing. i think i'm going to stand out of the way and let the likes of liberal journalists do the work we've been doing in pointing out barack obama's cynical use of his family. i completely agree with him in his reaction to barack obama's albuquerque answer on this question of why he's a christian. and then using his own family, his mother in particular, as some sort of negative counter point. they didn't go to church but he made this choice and he was much more mature in his adult life and the choices that he made about religion. i think what roger simon was picking up on, was this habit, this reflex that obama and the white house have had of reaching into his family history and in some cases the
9:38 pm
family morgue, and resurrecting these figures from the past as foils for barack obama. we've seen it in other ways when he's not throwing them under the bus, he's using them as political props. he will lecture conservatives to leave his family and daughters alone. but then drag them into the public picture to argue for everything from obama care to the child nutrition act to shoring up his bad pr over the bp spill. >> sean: i can't get over it. i know liberals get mad every time i bring it up. i don't buy his answer. i had no idea about reverend wright. his comments were made public. we were accused of taking them out of context. he reiterates them when he went to the national press club. he said he was fortified by tapes, as he drove around the country, listening to tapes of jeremiah wright, audacity of hope inspired by wright, i can no longer disown him than i
9:39 pm
can the black community. when push came to shove wright got thrown under that same bus. >> that's right the wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump, in the obama white house. even the left has now grown tired of the obama strategy of openly talking about his faith. they are the ones accusing him of cynically trying to close the so-called god gap. i think the strategy is going to backfire for the reasons you are talking about sean. of course were you on this before so many -- most anybody else was in the mainstream media, in talking about not only obama's ties to jeremiah wright and the trinity united church, but in particular the way that in his adult life he was influenced by radical black liberation theology. it was on your show sean that jeremiah wright lectured you
9:40 pm
and every other american that they couldn't understand barack obama's brand of religion unless they understood who james cohen was. >> sean: now the question is why? is it a fair and open question -- i understand for safety and security reasons, a president has more difficulty going out in public at any time. i think that's a fair concern for any president. the question is, a lot of issues have been raised about his faith. black liberation thee solg so radical. and he -- theology is so radical. and he spoke out aso inspired by it and we know its marxist roots, et cetera. why now is it people questioning his faith? polls that show many americans think he's a muslim? why now is he going to church? >> look, i think like most other americans and every poll shows they are losing political faith in barack obama, evangelical christians which he made a big
9:41 pm
deal out of siphonning away from the republican party, have lost faith in him as well. whether it is these pew polls that show people doubt what his religion is. or just in general, the yeahering of public support and confidence in -- the cratering of public support and confidence in barack obama when they are not ing they are pulling stunts like this. >> sean: thank you. time to check in with greta van susteren for a sneak peek. let me see, rush, governor palin, newt gingrich the other night. what have you got tonight? >> greta: i have to keep a cheat sheet to remember these guests we have great guests coming up tonight. congressman pence, joe miller, he's got quite a race in alaska. dana perino, senator sanatorium.
9:42 pm
and "dancing with the stars" bristol may palin. can you top that? >> sean: no. >> greta: i heard you were going to be on "dancing with the stars" next season is that true? >> sean: no. greta, i didn't dance at my own wedding. and i'm proud of it. >> greta: i think you should dance at your next freedom concert. >> sean: no. i do sing. and i embarrass the living daylights out of myself, it is all for charity. if you go on dancing with the stars i will support you and i will vote for you even if you are not any good at it. >> greta: you first. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, next. boss: ours gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!"
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>> sean: tonight, he's worked at the "washington post" serving as an editorial writer, white house correspondent, juan williams is here. he's author of the bible of unspeakable truths. also the host of red eye here on the fox news channel, greg gutfeld is here. she is the national finance chairman for friends of christine o'donnell, republican strategist, noelle nikpour. how do you introduce noelle on
9:47 pm
your show? >> she is so hot that old people fly to her in winter. >> sean: when you get sued i'm going to be witness for the defense. we have funny moments in the campaign. one is, russ carnahan missouri not going to win. he says, social security is in good shape. it is bankrupt. but he says it is in good shape. >> social security has been stpaeubl for 75 years one of the most efficient ratings in terms of any agency -- [ laughing ] >> sean: dumb, it is bankrupt, we all know it. it was never put in a lock box. >> it is not bankrupt. everybody will tell social security administration to aarp, social security is solvent until 2030 five and
9:48 pm
beyond. >> you know it is broke -- you know that. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: maybe one or two workers for every person taking benefits as baby boomers retire. all the money they were supposed to save in that lock box they spent it. >> why don't we make it voluntary if it is so great? >> sean: i'm out. >> why is he laughing, he should be sobbing. every time i get my paycheck i know i'm 46, i'm not going to live to see that money because i will be dead in 10 years, depressing. >> sean: they are going to raise the eligibility age they are going to means test it. people who have paid their entire lives if they are successful, the government will find a way to legally steal that money. >> they've been stealing it. >> stealing to say -- >> they take it out of my paycheck every month. >> they take it out --
9:49 pm
>> sean: it is my money, it is not their money. >> to provide a social safety net -- >> sean: on top of the 50% i already pay intacts, yeah. >> most americans are very supportive -- >> sean: they don't give me my share because i was successful or noelle, greg was successful that would be stealing. >> god bless all your grandmothers. you are saying if you support noelle's grandmother you are getting ripped off? >> sean: you go take care of somebody's grandmother. >> be a failure and put less in the system has been my strategy all along. >> here's the deal, social security is broke. the reason is because the government has been borrowing from social security. >> sean: not borrowing, stealing. >> taking from it, stealing,
9:50 pm
yes. the fact is if they wouldn't have done that, it might have been all right this is a crime this is wrong to do. >> sean: if any business did this, the ceos, the cfo's would be in jail. >> criminal. >> ifé!"w you say they are stealing money, -- >> taking from one thing that is supposed to be paying out, social security and putting it on more social programs, not social security. >> expanding the size of the budget. you guys a moment ago said social security is bankrupt. now you admit it is not. >> sean: it is on a path in the next few years to be -- gentleman next few years. how far out? >> sean: we used to have 50 people for every persona is a recipient. >> before the bush administration we had a budget surplus. >> obama has out-spent him and you know.
9:51 pm
>> sean going to kick you off this show if you keep talking about republicans like this. >> i'm saying the reason obama ran is he said bush spent and spent too much. so i'm going to be better. he's out-spent bush! >> sean: how would you introduce juan he's so liberal that? >> gee-whiz, i don't know where to go with that sean. >> thank you. >> he's so smart that smart cars are called juan cars. >> all right! >> sean: more, right after this.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we have in ohio race ted strictland the governor and john kasich. a strickland supporter on ;hfm kasich guy. watch this+inñec&5g
9:55 pm
>> sean: coffee on him and gives the veteran a middle finger. it is getting hot out there. >> that is the lowest. you don't need to do this. >> sean: you haven't done that to me once in all the years -- >> i hope i never do. >> o'reilly does that to me every night. i walk down the hall, it is scary. >> you provoke him. >> i do. i thought the worst thing was strickland singing the tom petty song in the background. >> that was wrong. >> that was wrong. that was an injustice. >> sean: things are hot out there evidenced by that grayson ad we aired earlier. juan you didn't see it.
9:56 pm
for your been fit we ing to run it again. >> thank you -- for your benefit, we are going to run it again. >> thank you. >> sean: his opponent said don't use it they cut out the don't part. >> announcer: religious fanatics try to take away our freedom right here in central florida. webster wants to impose his radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should submit to me that's in the bible. >> announcer: he tried to deny women medicare care he wants to force raped women to bear the child. taliban dan webster hands off our bodies. >> sean: he said guys don't pick out that phrase look at the ones that are relevant to you thanks that you can do to be good husbands. >> that is desperate. they have to go so low. >> sean: it is called slander. >> it is. you are so desperate you will
9:57 pm
sling out anything. they cut and spliced that, it was wrong. >> i was suddenly for dan webster. is there something wrong with me? >> sean: the answer is an obvious yes. look, you have been fairly supportive throughout the obama years. so you are fairly supportive. where are the democrats running on the health care bill? where are the ones running on cap and tax? they seem to be running against the bills they passed. their party pushed through. if they are so proud of their accomplishments, why wouldn't they run on them? >> they are running on them. >> sean: who? >> harry reid -- >> harry reid is losing his seat. >> i don't think harry is going to lose if you want to talk about extreme how about sharron angle for saying if you have to pay child support in one state it shouldn't be enforced in another state. >> you don't think she is going to do right on the issues compared to harry reid?
9:58 pm
>> are you kidding with her record? [ talking over each other ] >> can they afford harry reid again? >> i think we can afford an education department. social security. >> sean: back to my question. most democrats, obama comes to town they are nowhere to be found. they don't want to be seen -- wait a minute there are more democrats there has not been one house candidate running an ad saying they passed health care, none of them. why? >> health care is mostly unpopular in the country isn't that true? >> sean: exactly. they to bribe people to pass a bill the american people don't want and now they are trying to run from their votes. >> look what and dew got in louisiana they to -- look what land drew got in louisiana. >> sean: it is not their they are passing around to bribe
9:59 pm
people for a vote. >> what i'm telling you is most people in the country right now oppose health care reform [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i'm going to give you 100 million dollars of taxpayer money so you will do what i want. what would you call that on -- it is called a bribe. >> no first of all did it not go to her. she cut a deal for her constituents. >> it is a bribe! >> go back to american history -- >> political bribe. >> sean: we to get back to social issues and sex, which is, you know often coming up on your show. >> your area of -- i'm kidding. it is interesting that some of the democratic candidates are running with bush. they are not running with obama. incredible. >> i tell you what is funny to me, you had tea party vs. establishment party, you have all these nutty republicans and then people saying the

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